Snowline Tree Farm

Sunset on a summer evening


To Contact us:

39098 S Sawtell Rd  

Molalla, OR  97038

Phone: 503-829-8396


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Snowline Tree Farm



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We accept Credit Cards, Cash & Checks

Get away from the hustle and bustle of town and enjoy the quiet peacefulness up here on the hill. 


Farm Hours

By appointment


It is CSA Registration Time

Schedule a time to come visit the farm

The weather may not be even hinting at fresh summer produce, but now is our time to plan and begin planning for this summer. 


Save your spot on our list for a weekly basket of fresh naturally grown produce

Half Share—$350 for 2 adults

Full Share $580—family of 4

Add-ons of canning vegetables and eggs available



New this season!!!

We can accept payment with paypal, visa or mastercard

(there is a 2.5 % charge to cover our fees associated with using the card services)

If you use WIC or Farm Direct veggies vouchers we accept those and have a program for CSA baskets using them.  


Check our blog for a link to the registration. 

Or you can email us and we will send one to you. 



Website Issues

I am having a bit of problems getting the website to update.  

Check back later for a new and updated site. 


Like us on facebook or follow our blog to keep up on the happenings on the farm.



Weather Today

February 9, 2014

Currently: 45, Cloudy



Today: High of 45, rain

Week:  highs in low to mid 40’s, Rain every day


Road Report:  

 Ice the 1st 5 miles Bare and wet the last 4